Albert & Mellisa | garden wedding

Oct 2014. yet another ex-client brother & sister wedding day. Albert is a motorsport lover and Melissa is my ex-client bridesmaid and such a small world make this happened to witness their wedding engagement in this beautiful garden wedding in Johor Malaysia.  [Malaysia Wedding Photography]

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Han+Gie Wedding Moment 13.09.2014 + SDE


Han and Gie { a heartfelt moment with happiness of tears }

Words from Han : U made my wife cried!!!! Even me can’t hold the tears …seeing the montage you made for us… Nevertheless, I would still like to express my gratitude to u, for “recording down” our best moment in our life …. Everyone was so touched… My hats off to u… A great professional photographer…. Thank u….

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文杰 & 美甄 大日子  13.06.2013

Sun Xi & Siet Ling  19.01.2013